Superfoods: Broccoli


Broccoli is a good source of vitamin C and folic acid. It also contains vitamins A, K, calcium,  fiber and beta-carotene.

Some more broccoli benefits:

Reduce risk of cancer – eating more non starchy vegetables is associated with reducing risk of some cancers,  including mouth, throat and stomach cancer.

Cholesterol lowering benefits – the fibre related components in broccoli to a better job when cooked or steamed binding together with bile acids in your digestive system.  When this binding process take place it’s easier for bile acids to be excreted and the result is lowering your cholesterol levels. 

Detox – broccoli has positive impact on our body detoxification system. The dynamic trio of glucosinolate phytonutrients found in broccoli supports all steps in body’s detox process, including activation,  neutralisation and elimination of unwanted contaminants. 

There’s so much more to broccoli and it goes with almost every salad.

For my lunch today I’m having steamed broccoli with cherry tomatoes and after zumba I’ll figure something out with a broccoli obviously;)


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