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Chinese bbq diy




Tonight I went to that London to see my best friend. We haven’t seen each other for a while and a good catch up was way overdue.

Adventure. We decided to go to this little place called Chilli Cool near London Euston station for a food adventure. 

It was amazing and so much fun.

What you get is sooo much meat and I mean so much meat plus seafood and vegetables. There’s a lot to chose from and for two people is more than enough.

You cook your own soup with ‘stuff’ in it and bbq your meat and seafood.  Everything to your liking.

I would recommend it to everyone!  Thanks P. xx

Now off to the snow!


Oh so green


I’ve spent the last few days of 2013 in bed with the wonderful fever. Oh joy!

Today we’re off to that London and tomorrow morning we’re flying away for 11 days in the snow, snowboarding the hell out of that flu.

For this green goodness all you need is:

Mixed salad ie. Baby spinach,  rocket,  iceberg

Mixed cherry tomatoes

Mixed nuts, peanuts and pistachios are best

Sprinkle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and enjoy!



I need chilli in my life, especially when I’m ill.

All you need is:

Grilled chicken breast in Mexican spices


Spring onion

Cherry tomatoes


Baked potatoes quarters

Mix it all together and serve with doritos and sour cream


Vitamin C my darling!


Being ill equals all day in bed with comfort food and gossip girl.

This smoothie will (pretty please!!!) sort me out…

All you need is:

4 kiwi fruits

200ml of skimmed milk

Dark chocolate bar

Blend it, drink it, feel better!

Vitamin bomb salad


This time of the year wouldn’t be the same without me being ill.

My tonsils are almost as big as melons and every bone in my body hurts.

All I need is vitamins and food to make me feel better.

For this salad all you need is:

Mixed salad

Feta cheese

Whole orange




Mix it all together sprinkle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Enjoy and wish me quick recovery!

Wholemeal brown bread


You will fall in love with baking this bread, it is so easy!

All you need is:

500g of brown wholewheat flour

2 teaspoons of salt

2 tablespoons of easy blend dried yeast

1 table spoon of soda powder

300 ml of hot water

1 table spoon of nutmeg

2 table spoons of mixed linseed and sunflower


Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius fan

Mix all the ingredients together in the mixing bowl

Mix it with your hands until you have a smooth dough that leaves the bowl clean. If necessary add more flour or water.

Transfer the dough to a flat surface and stretch it out then fold over, repeat this process and knead t for around 10 minutes.

Shape it into a ball and leave it for 1.5 hours

Knock back the dough by lightly kneading just 3-4 times

Shape it to make two loafs and leave it for 20 minutes

Put your loaf into the oven and bake for 45 minutes

Your loaf should be firm and sound hollow.


I heart cake!


Delicious warm Brownies with sharp raspberries – perfect for Christmas day. Quick and easy to make in half an hour.

All you need is:

400g of caster sugar

225g of butter, melted

60g of cocoa

60g of dark chocolate,  70%

1 table spoon of vanilla extract

4 eggs

225g plain flour

1 table spoon of baking powder

1 teaspoon of salt

200g of raspberries

For the chocolate ganache:

100g of dark chocolate

Half a cup of double cream

Mix it together a bowl over hot water and cover your Brownie.


Mix all ingredients in the order given

Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 20-25 minutes

Cool, slice and enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Festive lunch


Salmon and asparagus never fails.  It’s fresh and tasty and kind of festive.

All you need is:

Fillets of salmon,  pan fried skin down for 5 minutes till crispy. 

Aparagus,  blanched in the hot water for 5 minutes and pan fried for further 4 with salt and pepper

Quinoa,  just sprinkle a bit on your plate and add lemon.

Enjoy the food and Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve breakfast


I’m feeling festive today, while still at work. At least it’s not a whole day at work…

For breakfast this morning

Slice of toast

Avocado,  mashed with salt

Cherry tomatoes


Balsamic vinegar on top

Yummy,  enjoy your day!