Superfoods: Salmon



I love salmon in any form, whether it’s fresh and quickly pan fried or smoked, wild, farm raised or wild.
Just two serves per week provides the recommend intake of Omega 3 which is beneficial for your heart and a range of diseases and conditions. 

All fish is a source of protein,  vitamins and minerals but oily fish such as salmon contains omega 3 that reduce blood clotting and inflammation.

Salmon also contribute to the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system,  promotes joint health and may possibly prevent types of cancer.

Fresh salmon can be pan fried on hot pan for few minutes and enjoyed while is still pink inside. Goes perfectly with green beans.

When it comes smoked salmon, I love barbecue smoked salmon it’s deep in flavour and tastes really sweet. Add a little salad and enjoy! If you in Vancouver make sure you go to Granville Island market and try different varieties of smoked salmon – there’s like twenty different types.

Smoked salmon with cream cheese and asparagus is my favourite starter. Try it yourself and I’m sure you will fall in love with this beautiful fish.


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