Aromatic green curry with prawns and egg noodles








I’m back. After 12 days of joy, amazing mountains,  exciting rides and tones of great time!

So we had pizza last night, well after 12h of travelling home comfort food was a must. So pizza and coronas it was.

Today, kind of a clean up spicy curry. Amazing for a fresh start after few weeks of bread, meat, potatoes and all that energy bombs that you need to snowboard:) (excuses, excuses)

For this all you need is:

For the curry paste:

2 table spoons of green curry paste


3 Chillis


Table spoon of garam masala

Table spoon of fenugreek seeds

Table spoon of Ground sumac

Table spoon of curry powder

Table spoon of turmeric powder

1 red onion

2 table spoons of oil

Method :

Pre heat the pan and put all ingredients together. Fry it on a low heat

For the curry:

Whole water chestnuts, small tin

2 packages of mangetout peas

1 package of trimmed green beans

1 package of baby corn

2 packages of king size prawns

Tin of coconut milk

Fish sauce

1 chicken stock cube

Method :

Add your vegetables to the paste and fry it for few minutes,  add half a glass of water and fry it for another 3 minutes.  Add the prawns and cook your curry for 6 minutes then add coconut milk and stir, wait till it starts boiling.  Season with fish sauce and chicken cube.

I love it with medium egg noodles but you can have it with rice.  It’s delicious!



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