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Delicious greens


Weekend is over so I can forget about the dirty badass burger I had last night.

Back on the greens from today:)

All you need is:

Mixed salad


Baby tomatoes


Cucumber dressing – olive oil,  dill and cucumber juice



Girl, do the squats!


Alright,  I’m not skinny – but that’s not my goal. While losing weight I wanted to keep my bum. That’s pretty much it, I want to fit and healthy instead of skinny and with a hanging ass;)

I still have a long way to go but hey, them squots helped!

My tips for ‘perfect bum and legs’

– eat healthy fats/oils
– drink green tea
– eat meat at least 3 times a week
– drink water, I drink around 6 liters of water a day
– workout
– learn to love interval training
– eat small portions but often
– plan
– squats, squats, squats!

Cod & asparagus


Simple food is always a good idea.

Easy to make, few ingredients and very healthy.

All you need is:

Fillet of cod, pan fried with dill and parsley for 2 minutes on each side. Add salt add the end for seasoning

Asparagus, microwaved for 10 minutes in water.

That’s it. Enjoy!

I’m off for a killer session at the gym and boxing:)

Prawn & salmon cakes with salad


Ok I’m a meat lover… but when it comes to seafood…. yummm

I love salmon and prawns! Fish cake is it finest combination.

All you need is:

Prawns, peeled

Salmon fillet


Salt and pepper

Mix the ingredients together, poor some olive oil and fry gor 5 minutes each side. Add fish sauce and soya sauce at the end.


Rocket and baby tomatoes


Sirloin dindins


I love meat.

I didn’t eat it for few months once… it didn’t go well for me. Ended up with anemia and all that.

So when it comes to meat, I love steaks, bacon (yeah, I’m a bacon junkie!) And probably every other meat on the planet.

My food since last November is mostly meat and vegetables.

All you need to make this delicious meal is:

Sirloin,  cut it into small pieces and pan fry for maximum 4 minutes.  Season with salt and pepper

New potatoes,  microwaved for 20 minutes

Asparagus,  blanched in hot water for 5 minutes

Season to your liking and enjoy!

Mint raspberry



I’ve been at the gym everyday since last Sunday (mentally high fiving myself every morning haha)

Not eating sweets is super hard but fruits can replace it… at least for now.

This one here is really refreshing, not too sweet and tastes out of this world.

All you need is:

Fresh mint leaves, 5-6

Two cups of raspberries,  fresh or frozen

Lemon, squeeze whole in

Fizzy water, 250 ml

Blend in a food blender or food processor and enjoy! Continue reading Mint raspberry

Ever green dinner!


Tonight I had my first proper sparing and it was so much harder than I thought.
My thai boxing class lasts for aroun 1.5 hours and it kicks ass and burnsssss calories!  I would recommend it to anyone!

Post thai boxing salad tonight:


Baby corn

Asparagus,  microwaved for three minutes medium heat

Salad: rocket, baby tomatoes,  baby spinach, olives and sun flower seeds.

Add olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top and enjoy!

I’m going to be in so much pain tomorrow.  Oh dear!

Progress and lunch;)


2 stones.

This is how much I lost since 11.11.13

2 stones so around 12 kilos.
For me it’s a mega achievement.
I workout around 5 days a week, I’m eating healthy. Being light is so much better;)

Todays lunch


Baby tomatoes

Rocket salad




King prawn thai curry soup


I’m trying too eat regularly and healthy. This sort of stuff are my favourite, light and quick to do.

All you need is:

Olive oil

Green thai curry paste

Garlic,  ginger,  white onion and coriander

Spoon of fish sauce

250 ml of coconut milk


Snap peas

Green beans

Bean sprouts

Baby tomatoes

200grams of king prawns

Lime juice

Noodles are totally optional

Heat the oil and paste with spices.
Reduce the heat and add prawns, when they pink and all the vegetables and coconut milk.

Simmer for 5 minutes and some salt and garnish with coriander.


Post workout dinner


Tonight was my first training night after a while. Hour of zumba then hour and half of thai boxing.


I’m so tired and happy at the same time.
Only 66 days left till summer, so I need to work hard.

Goals. It’s great to have them and to keep up.

My after workout dinner tonight:

3 hard boiled eggs

Braised asparagus

Three slices of serano ham


Few slices of Cheddar cheese